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Damian Bertrand

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Damian Bertrand

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Over the past 13 years, Damian’s proven method has helped individuals with motivational hypnosis, reversal of unwanted behaviors, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia & obesity treatment), traumatic experience release, smoking cessation, conflict resolution, relationship issues, nervous habits, anxiety, sleeping disorders, self-confidence improvement and advancing your sports game.

Why - What - How

Damian Bertrand one of North America's leading hypnotherapist's required a full web re-development package, one that would build his brand of hypnotherapy tools and deliver them via iTunes. We also delivered a custom graphics package which included brand, logo, album art and a newly designed book cover.

Damian also invited our team to photograph behinds the scenes of his upcoming television series. We continue to provide support and consultation serivces.

Brand and marketing strategies incorporating digital and offline activity, Visual brand collateral Logo, Style guide, Print collateral, custom photography, cd cover graphics, book design.

Continued Support

Web maintenance, print collateral, support, social media planning & strategies.


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